NH4Israel’s 2nd Annual Run for Healing

Save the date: Sunday, April 22nd 2018 Noon-3PM (run at 1PM)

Place: Etz Hayim Synagogue on Derry NH’s Interfaith Campus 1/2 Hood Road, Derry, NH

Description: 5K run for ALS (or 1 mile walk, 2 mile walk or just come and celebrate with us!)

Help raise funds for ALS or Lou Gehrigs genetic research at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Learn about the Israeli developed ALS treatment “that has the potential to slow the disease process. Israel has also discovered genetic causes of ALS that have never been seen before.”

Israel’s positive innovative spirit contributes to the wide-ranging contributions to humanity that come out of this tiny country!

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Our 1st Run in 2017 helped to raise funds to purchase an AccuVein machine for Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, read the thank you letter below:

A letter from Dr. Paul Zilberman

Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem.
Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine


You are the direct recipients of the hearty thanks of both of one of our patients and the senior surgeon in charge of her.
A few days ago this surgeon, a very skilled one and a very good friend of mine, Dr. Bilal Elyan, called me asking for help. One of his patients on the floor had what we usually call “impossible veins”. The poor lady has been punctured countless times in the unsuccessful attempt to insert an infusion. My colleague told me, exaggerating of course, that “all the Hospital tried and failed”. He finally remembered we have the AV400. He called me, I arrived immediately. He assisted, of course. In a few seconds, REALLY A FEW SECONDS, an infusion was successfully inserted in front of a jaw dropped audience and an emotionally tearing patient. She just couldn’t understand why such a simple device is not commonplace in such a Hospital. She promised my colleague to collect money to buy them one too.
Dear All, you cannot imagine what impact the AV400 we received through your constant work and generosity produced here.
Again thank you All.

Yours, Paul


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