NH4Israel Accomplishments

CJUI Genesis Award Winners

Bev and Ron Gerstenberger, Karen Weinstein and Linda McGrath


Most of these films and presenters have been hosted numerous times at churches, synagogues, libraries, universities, homes, and outdoor rallies and fairs…


“The Forgotten Refugees”, produced by the David Project “
“The Case for Israel” with Alan Dershowitz
“Iranium” and “Judeophobia” produced by Doc Emet Productions
“The Chosen” and “Watermarks”


Joanne Magnuson, US director of Christian Friends for Yad Vashem
Susan Sandager’s One Woman dramatization as Corrie ten Boom (Yad Vashem righteous gentile)
Esther Levens, Founder of the Unity Coalition for Israel (UCI)
Dr. Charles Jacobs, Founder of Americans for Peace & Tolerance
Gloria Greenfield, Producer and director Doc Emet Productions
Israel Bonan, Egyptian Jewish “forgotten” refugee
Diane Covert, X-Ray Project artist
Sondra Baras, Founder of Christian Friends of Israeli Communities
Rev. Thomas Peetz, Rev. Ed Carnahan Word of Life Christian Fellowship
Dexter Van Zile, Christian analyst for CAMERA
Hillel Stavis, The David Project & CAMERA
Reverend Richard Booker, Founder of the Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies
Burt Klein, Friends of the IDF
Bev and Ron Gerstenberger, NH representatives of Bridges for Peace, founders of NH4Israel
Dick Brown, Former US fighter pilot, led dozens of Christian tours in Israel
Sonia Campeanu, Israeli educator
Professor Joseph Spoerl, Saint Anselm College (expert and author on the Muslim Brotherhood)
Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Bar-Ilan University, Israeli Arab population expert
Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch and NYT best selling author
Fumio Taku, President of Christians and Jews United for Israel (CJUI)
John LeBrun and Harry Doutt, ACT! for America chapter leaders
Nadav Tamir and Shai Bazak, Israeli Consuls General of New England
Jewish Federation of New Hampshire Shlichim (Israeli emissaries)
Emil Campeanu, Israeli served in the IDF

Sponsors’ Pro-Israel Rallies:

  • Concord and Derry, during Operation Cast Lead
  • Manchester and Derry during the Gaza flotilla
  • New York City and Brookline, MA to support a United Jerusalem in Israel
  • Etz Hayim’s Israel’s 60th Anniversary “Walk the Land” with US Senator Jeanne Shaheen
  • The historic 2011 “Stand with Israel” Rally in Veterans Park, Manchester
  • New York City to protest Durban III and Ahmadinejad at the U.N.
  • Harvard School of Government to protest the One State Solution conference
  • Networking for Israel 2012 event at Saint Anselm College

Staff’s Pro-Israel Booths at Civic Events to Educate the Public

  • Manchester Peoples’ Fest
  • Derry’s Derryfest
  • Concord Market Days, a three day festival
  • Jewish Federation of NH and synagogue events

Promoting Programs Run by Organizations that Support Israel, Including:

  • Jewish Federation of New Hampshire, Christians and Jews United for Israel
  • Word of Life Christian Fellowship Church, Americans for Peace and Tolerance, Stand with Us
  • The David Project, Christians United for Israel, Bridges for Peace
  • Merrimack Valley Friends of Israel, AIPAC, Hillel, BUYcott Israel


  • Weekly informative emails to over 500 subscribers
  • A comprehensive and actively maintained website: NH4Israel.org
  • Produced “Golda Meir” and “Stand with Israel” T-shirts
  • Produced “I am a Zionist” buttons
  • Produced “Fight Terror-Support Israel” bumper stickers.
  • Met with Senators, Congressmen, State and City officials
  • Letter writing, email and phone campaigns
  • Provided pro-Israel programming for local cable TV stations
  • Hosted parlor discussion groups throughout New Hampshire
  • Attended “Night to Honor Israel” in NH, VT, CT, RI, DC
  • Annual “birthday” party to celebrate our successes!

We are a diverse group from different faiths who share a love for the Jewish State of Israel and a desire that she live with a lasting and secure peace. Our mission is to educate the NH community about issues relating to Israel and the Middle East. We meet every other Wednesday at Temple Israel, 66 Salmon St. in Manchester. For more information call Brian Grodman 647-8114 or Linda McGrath 498-9984 or send us a message.