I love NH4Israel, where Christians and Jews stand united in love and support for Israel as the national homeland for Jews, and fight for truth and liberty in America. NH4Israel is my source of strength, courage, and inspiration. I have found true friends and caring hearts in its leaders. Thank you, NH4Israel for all you do!

Rev. Fumio Taku
Founder and President Emeritus
Christians and Jews United for Israel CJUI

“We have to get the truth out”. This was the gist of a discussion between several Jews and Christians held on the lawn of a local town library after hearing a presentation by a pro-Palestinian speaker that was full of lies about the Jewish state of Israel. As a result, with good leadership and organization, VISION (now NH4ISRAEL) was founded. NH4ISRAEL continues to grow and be effective in maintaining its original mission “To get the truth out”.

Ron and Bev Gerstenberger
Founding Members of NH4Israel

I am always shocked when I hear such things as:

  • Israel should not protect herself from missile attacks from Gaza.
  • The media citing Hamas-supplied numbers for reporting Gazan civilian casualties at a rate about 10 times higher than they really are.
  • For failure to realize that when the Palestinians refer to “occupied territory” they are referring to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa – not the West Bank and Gaza.
  • For demanding that Israel must play by a different set of rules than every other country in the world.

NH4Israel is the only organization in NH focused on getting the truth out about Israel. Support truth. Support NH4Israel.

Rabbi Joshua Segal
Rabbi Emeritus Congregation Betenu

NH4Israel is the only place in New Hampshire where Jews and Christians come together in support of Israel’s right to exist.

Discovering the many things we have in common and putting aside the things that have divided us for so many years.

Thomas Peetz
Senior pastor, Word of Life Christian Fellowship WOLCF