Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem. Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine 10/19/2017 TO NH4ISRAEL, You are the direct recipients of the heartily thanks of both of one of our patients and the senior surgeon in charge of her. A few days ago this surgeon, a very skilled one and a very good friend of mine,… Read More »


  WE NEED YOUR IDEAS ! This Wednesday, Oct. 25th 6:30PM The 2018 Run for Healing will raise funds for ALS (Lou Gehrigs’s Disease) research at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Learn about the Israeli developed ALS treatment that is reversing  patients motor decline and the genetic research we will help fund. There will be games,… Read More »

How Operation Good Neighbor has brought Syrians from loathe to love

IDF Lt. Col. explains how Israel’s ability to show a more benign face through humanitarian efforts in treating wounded Syrian children will transform civilians into ambassadors; ‘The citizens on the other side realize that Israel saves their children’s lives, it’ll will be hard to convince them we want to destroy them.’ Noam Barkan|Published:  06.10.17 ,… Read More »

NH4Israel Activities – September 27th

NH4Israel Activities On September 27th, NH4Israel hosted Dr. Michael Miller of Goffstown, who gave a talk about Jewish veterans whose story would be in time for a Veteran’s Day article in The Reporter’s November edition. He recollected his life growing up in the military as an “Army Brat” (originally a derogatory term, now what children… Read More »

NH4Israel: A New Season of Events

Welcome Back Party Wednesday, Sept. 13th 6:30PM Temple Israel 66 Salmon St. Manchester, NH A handful of people with sufficient faith can move mountains! Help us educate the NH community, and yourself, about Israel and the Middle East.