Fighting fire

Fighting fire with fire is not a helpful metaphor, when racism and incitement can only spark the fire next time. By JPOST EDITORIAL  11/26/2016 20:42 read more

Political correctness harms Jews

Op-ed: As long as political correctness prevents journalists and politicians from reproaching intellectual, communal and religious leaders for promoting and tolerating anti-Zionist Jew-hatred, Jews will have their hands tied while being exposed to relentless assaults as representatives of Zionism. Rafael Castro |Published:  06.10.16 , 16:08 read more

A gift between the generations

Birthright trips to Israel have become somewhat of a rite of passage for young Jews worldwide • So far, the organization has brought over 500,000 Jews from 66 countries to Israel • “The real gift we give young people is the ability to think,” CEO says. Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff read more

B’Tselem’s lies

B’Tselem will do what it always does and try to use this report to delegitimize Israel in the international community and strengthen those who wish to see Israel disappear. By YAIR LAPID  09/22/2016 22:16 read more

Exposing the myth of an Apartheid Israel

Israel has 120 ethnic groups with full rights and Arab citizens of Israel refuse to be part of a Palestinian Arab state. Only 4% of “West Bank” Arabs live under Israeli rule and they refuse to change their status. Dr. Alex Grobman,  09/08/16 13:02 read more