NH4Israel Activities, December 2015

By NH4Israel | January 12, 2016

With the exception of holiday conflicts and summer break, NH4Israel hosts biweekly talks with refreshments at Manchester’s Temple Israel (TIM) at 6:30PM on alternate Wednesdays.   If other venues and weekdays are scheduled, word of the change will be publicized in advance as well as posted on the calendar of events at NH4Israel.org.  NH4Israel guest speakers generally address current issues surrounding the state of Israel as well as historical analyses of topics such as the Diaspora, Jew-hatred and the making of Israel.

On December 9th NH4Israel hosted internationally acclaimed producer and director Gloria Greenfield. She is the founder of documentary company with a mission statement contained within its very name, Doc Emet Productions, Inc. She began her talk commenting how special it was to be talking at the Temple during Chanukah, a time when Jews are reminded of the courage and determination of their forefathers who partnered with G0D to defeat the enemies of Israel. And Gloria’s documentaries are her effort to ensure the current struggles of the Jewish state to survive are written both in the memory of the documentary viewers, and the digital media used to tell Israel’s story.

Gloria talked in depth about her film, “The Case for Israel” – whose them is Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.   She made the point that the “conflict” over the Temple Mount began in 1929, when the Mufti of Jerusalem, the infamous Nazi propagandist and uncle of Egyptian Yassir Arafat, spread the rumor that the Jews were about to build a 3rd Temple on the Temple Mount. Some four score and seven years later, one can see how far the Mohammedan narrative has come. In coverage of the anniversary of the 1929 massacre, the Jerusalem Post writes, “Spurred by rumors of an impending takeover of Al-Aksa Mosque, a mob slaughtered 63 Jews while over 400 were saved by local Arab families.”

Gloria then went on to explain that her next endeavor, “Unmasked – Judeopphobia”, examined the connection between Jew-hatred and anti-Israel sentiment. A point she made was that the correct term for Jews to use “Jew hatred” rather than anti-Semitism, a late 1800s term coined by a Jew-hater. Her last production, “Body and Soul”, demonstrates without a doubt the relationship (that Mohammedan history revisionists/erasers and destroyers of antiquities deny) of Jews’ and Christians’ to Jerusalem and the territorial land of Israel delineated in the book of Numbers. Gloria reminded her audience that Communist China erased much of its Confucian past in order to discredit past Chinese societies while touting its current ideology. To ensure “correct thought”, the past has to be torn down by the totalitarians as they rewrite history.

More lectures and educational films on Israel are planned for the 2016 season. Find out more and sign up for email updates at NH4Israel.org.