Over 100 Israel Innovations!

By Linda | May 27, 2020



The truly amazing story is not just the miracle of Israeli innovations, but that Israel shares these technologies with other countries to make the world a cleaner, safer, healthier and more sustainable planet.

The Waze Navigation app, can now also save thousands of animals from becoming road kill (only available in Israel presently)

Instant messaging

Intel wireless chips

Voicemail technology

USB drive

Firewall security software

VOIP technology

The PillCam for GI imaging

NanoRetina artificial retinas

RightHear navigation app for the blind or visually impaired

ReWalk for paraplegics

Drip irrigation and smart farming or precision agriculture

Watergen makes drinking water out of thin air

Desalination 60% of Israel’s drinking water from sea water

Babysense to prevent SIDS

Treatment kills 40% of AIDS cells

A car battery runs on water and air

Oxygen rich air can reverse severe brain damage

Natural bacteria that combats river blindness and malaria

Skin cells to regenerate heart tissue

2 top multiple sclerosis drugs

OrCam “reads” what is sees to the visually impaired

DNA nanocomputer detects cancer and releases drugs to treat it

Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics for Parkinsons

Electrodes to treat brain tumors

Emergency Bandage for soldiers

Car battery efficiency and adapted charging infrastructure

Smart Road: A wireless electrification system for electric vehicles

Biodegradable alternatives plastic bags

Organic waste conversion to clean energy

Cultured meat or clean meat (meat alternatives)

AI predicting which diabetics will develop kidney dysfunction

AI screening for cervical cancer with mobile device

AI to prevent 90% of medical errors

Huge bags to keep out air + water so crops stay fresh for market used in 100 countries.

AI identifying water in the lungs

AI identifying those a high risk of Type 2 diabetes

AI flood forecaster in India

Full blood analysis with just a few drops of blood in just a few minutes

Tunefork improves lives of hearing impaired

VeganNation app & blockchain protects Amazon rainforest

Stemrad a new suit to protect astronauts

Vayyar Imaging to see through walls

ECONcrete builds ecologically active infrastructures in marine environments

Nerivio neuromodulator to treat migraines

TytoHome remote medical exams at home

Temi award winning personal robot

Alice a flying taxi “Uber meets Telsa in the sky”

ElliQ a robotic companion helping the elderly stay engaged

Israel is the 2nd biggest cybersecurity market in the world

Eye drops that could replace glasses

Molecule that triggers self destruction of pancreatic cancer cells

Turn tumors into ice balls, breast, lung, kidney, liver and bone

A tiny 3D printed live heart from patients own tissue

SpinCare a protective layer to treat serious burns & large open wounds, less pain, less infection

Beresheet Spacecraft the smallest craft, smallest team, largest distance to the moon

Firefly Aerospace TX to use Beresheet design and tech for future lunar missions

F1CDx sequence testing of tumors for targeted therapy

Alpha DART cancer radiation therapy

Augmentiqs digital pathology platform

CalmiGo reduces stress, anxiety and panic attacks

HydrantTech alerts for leaks, water theft or malicious activity

Nasal insulin delivery system

IsletRX working on functional islet cells for diabetics

Oramed working on oral insulin

ElastiMed replaces compression socks to prevent PAD

Sightbit computer vision technology to help lifeguards monitor beaches

DouxMatok sugar reduction based on sugar

Breeds and exports beneficial insects for biological pest control

Saving Mangos from fruit fly devastation

EggXYt detects gender of chicks before hatching ending male chick culling

FruitSpec 95% accuracy of fruit yield estimation

First affordable tomato harvester

TopClosure device to seal complex wounds replaces suturing

ImMucin a prophylactic cancer vaccine

Israeli technology used to rescue boys soccer team in Thailand

WoundClot stops bleeding in seconds

Autism breakthroughs: screening product for newborns,

the effect of medical cannabis, folic acid + vitamins in pregnancy reduce the risk.

Twine digital thread dying will not give off CO2 or produce wastewater (2nd largest water pollution contributor is thread dying)

Over 600 companies and startups in Cleantech

Protein products from insects

UBQ converts unsorted household waste to fully recyclable thermoplastic substitute. There is no technology that does that today

Israel an unlikely shark research hub

Israel & 7 Muslim majority states partner to save Red Sea coral reefs

SodaStream builds massive contraption to clean plastic from ocean

Lab grown chicken startup supermeat

Solar valley, renewable energy AND energy storage in the Negev

The world’s tiniest tomato

Purple tomatoes & potatoes with increased nutrients

APP to test ripeness of fruits and vegetables

Israeli high-tech paint cools buildings with sunlight

Bigger fish to end world hunger

Artificial seawater to improve fish breeding

Maps genome of cotton & sweet potato for better crops

Studies show squids can edit their genes, can we?

Hydras can regrow lost body parts, can we?

Israel, Irania and Jordanian scientist launch particle accelerator

Elide Fire Ball puts out fires easily, instantly & safely

Tel Aviv named world’s 7th greenest city

Eco-home built from Cannabis on Mount Carmel

Israeli group to help save endangered Peruvian ape

Turn dog poop into powder also innovating human waste management

CartiHeal Cartilage regeneration solution


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